PRE MOT Checks

How not to fail an MOT in Wrexham

I am definitely not one for wasting time and effort, so I like to make sure my car is in great shape before I take it for its annual MOT in Wrexham, which is the town I live in.

When getting my annual MOT in Wrexham, I like to make sure that I am fully prepared as my worst fear would be to get a re-test, especially when it could have been avoided. The best thing to do is to get your car sorted beforehand and then you will pass your MOT with flying colours!

The best advice I could give you is before going for your MOT in Wrexham, or wherever else in the UK, is to give your vehicle a thorough check over first. I would advise you to check the following:

  • An obvious one to check, which you would definitely know if they were broke, is your brakes. Make sure you check inside the car, the reserve break, and do some under the bonnet checks. Every part of your car is significant for safe and efficient running, but the brakes are most definitely crucial.
  • Check that all your doors shut and open properly and are secure.
  • Make sure that your car does not give out excessive smoke.
  • Check that your horn is working effectively.
  • Make sure all lights are working and in good condition.Make sure you do not have damaged mirrors, and that they are clearly visible when driving.
  • Make sure your registration plate is in good condition and is visible (if a registered vehicle).
  • Your car must have working seatbelts. Seatbelts which do not work can cause major safety risks when driving.
  • All seats must be secure and in an upright position.
  • Check your steering. Make sure your steering wheel is in good condition and securely attached.
  • Check over your suspension.
  • Check over your tyres/wheels. You need to ensure the general conditions of the tyres are good, and check that your tyres have the legal amount of tread.
  • Make sure the vehicle structure is secure and not displaced.
  • Check the condition of your windscreen, wipers and washers.

Make sure that you check all of the above and get anything repaired which is necessary, and then head onto an approved garage that carries out MOTs in Wrexham and the job should be a good’un!